Sunday, August 17, 2014

Seattle—My Favorite City

IMG_8686 copy

Scarlett Darling—looking super hip in the city.

IMG_7834 copyIMG_7845 copy

Reflection pictures & amazing buildings

IMG_7848 copy

My favorite Alley.

IMG_7851 copy

George, Myself & Scarlett ready for the ferry.

IMG_8697 copy

An attempted selfie.


IMG_8730 copyIMG_8721 copy

The Ferris Wheel & us three girls in seattle.

Rad T-Shirt Stenciling

We went a little crazy with t-shirt stenciling on a rainy day. Each stencil was hand drawn and then hand cut out of freezer paper (with a dull, rusting exacto knife), ironed on, and then painted with acrylic paint (it works just is a little crispier).
IMG_8658 copy
IMG_8643 copyIMG_8664 copy
Scarlett making a rad heart diagram t-shirt (which are her thing) and one with a daisy on the sleeve.
Dull blades—how fun
IMG_8665 copyIMG_8762 copy
2 of my cut stencils.
IMG_8670 copy
Painting—my favorite part
IMG_8672 copyIMG_8775 copy
My house stencils & Scarlett’s incredible tree shirt.
IMG_8756 copy
Working on concept designs and cutting out stencils while listening to music and eating veggies.
IMG_8768IMG_8769 copy
Awesome postcard-sized, major-detailed stencil made by Paris.
Awesome, modern, hip shirt my little sister Grace made.
So many little details cut out.
IMG_8680 copy
Our first batch of t-shirts, Paris, camera landscape shirt, Scarlett's heart shirt, Grace’s arrow shirt, my house shirt.
IMG_8748 copy
abstract triangle tee I made.
IMG_8777 copy
The work table. All day and night being used.
IMG_8862 copy
Random crazy tee I made with a  bunch of crazy things. It’s mostly my favorite.
IMG_8871 copy
All the tees I made. It was quite a successful endeavor.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The More The Merrier

IMG_8187 copy

Grace, Chloe, Lisa & Wyatt came down to join the fun for a day!

IMG_4081 copy

This picture is funny, because apparently it’s fascinating to watch me mow the lawn. hahaha.


Mother & Daughter


Circle for the chicks.

IMG_4249 copy

Grace & Chloe stayed behind for 2 more days and we packed it with fun. We ate viking donuts-per tradition.


IMG_8391 copy

Went out to dinner as excited as could be.

IMG_8393 copy

JJ’s fish house is the best place ever. truly.

IMG_8495 copy

We paddle boarded on the Pudget sound.

IMG_8501 copy

IMG_8533 copy

IMG_8535 copy

IMG_8573 copy

And we hung out at the dock and jumped off- tradition as well

IMG_8575 copy

IMG_4366 copy

All showered and eating dinner. Fabulous.

IMG_8932 copy

Hanging around the farm.

IMG_8933 copyIMG_8949 copy

More of the best days.

Bainbridge Beach Day

IMG_8781 copy

IMG_8784 copy

Taking the traditional frog rock picture. we’ve taken a picture here every year. (Also, sunhats in washington—what a joy to have a perfect day to use it)

IMG_8798 copy

I can’t not see a body of water and not dive into it. So I did that. who cares if it’s cold?

IMG_8804 copy

IMG_8820 copy

IMG_8822 copy

IMG_8824 copy

IMG_8834 copy

IMG_8847 copy

Beach treasures—Shells, baby crab claws, broken porcelain sea glass, sand dollars.

IMG_8841 copy