Monday, December 20, 2010

Gingerbread Houses!

I made the most awesome Gingerbread (substituted by graham crackers) house... well actually it was my shoe closet. So really it was a Graham Cracker Shoe Closet... and it was awesome. 

There are stairs winding up around the sides with a red or green star on each step. (and it costs 20$ if you want to walk up them to the top)

The Details:
Side one: arrow is pointing to the secret trap door which is fingerprint activated so only I may enter. On that same side is the fish of fame. muahaha!  Side Two: being a giant shoe closet we had to have one wall say, "I love shoes" and I really do love shoes. Side three: just a simple little cute side with flowers. And on the roof is swirls that will make any bird who is trying to eat my shoe closet dizzy and fall over. And the my fellow bloggees is what occupied my Sunday night.

Woot! Woot! for Professional Graham Cracker Shoe Closet building.


  1. Oh Erin! Your shoe closet / graham cracker invention is awesome. You are so creative. Thanks for all you add to our family!! I LOVE YOU!!! xoxoxoxo mama

  2. Erin! bahahahahaha i couldn't stop laughing when i saw this! I love your shoe closet invention thingy and i love you! maybe you could build me one :)