Tuesday, February 22, 2011


President's day weekend is one of my favorite times of the year, because the tradition is that we always have some of my favorite cousins come!

Friday: All the fun arrived, we were all very excited for what this weekend would bring! 

Saturday: We woke up bright and early and did some Zumba, we hiked, and thrift-store shopped, and made some super cute pillows!. It was Paris's 17th Birthday so we partied all day long!

One Day... one day we will push this rock off the hill.

Sunday: Something happened that has never happened in the history of our February get-togethers. It snowed. 

My dad watching the whole thing.. laughing. 
We ended the day by having a talent show. More Details Here or Here

Monday: Our last day together...We hiked, doorbell-ditched, and were just plain silly.

Me- Joining the Yoga class at the Red rocks!

 Zac- the little hiker dude. 

All-in-all it was a fabulous weekend! 
P.S. sorry I decided to combine all my little posts in to one huge and awesome post!


  1. What an amazing post about an amazing weekend!! We sure know how to party it up!!! I think it would take about 5 ba-zillion posts to update everyone on all the fun that we had this weekend!! Love you soooo much and I love your blog as well!! xoxoxoxoxo mama

  2. WOOHOO erin that was such a fun weekend! i am so glad you blogged about it so we don't forget about all the awesome adventures we had this weekend! Thanks for helping me celebrate my 17th birthday! You and your family are awesome! xoxo
    p.s. 49 DAYS!!!