Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Monday night we went camping... in the backyard. 
It was awesome.

Favorite Quotes: 
(It could be that everything is funnier at night, but these cracked us all up)

Zac- "Nobody look over here" 
Spencer- "Ah! Zac pee outside of the tent." 

Spencer-"I got 50 points in a 2-card game."

Zac- "Mom, Grace just choked me inside."
Mom-"Good thing you made it out alive." 
Dad-"Mom's a little delirious tonight.

Mom- "We have lots more room in the tent, we should have more kids." 
Me-"That is what Alexa's for."


  1. I must clarify Zac's comment "No one look over here!". He WASN'T about to pee in the tent. Spenc was just being the funny guy with his response. It WAS a hilarious, fun-filled night (with very little sleep), much finger pointing on "who it was that produced the latest smell!", laughter, love and some Uno playing. Gotta LOVE family night!!

  2. that is hilarious! wish i was there! i love that comment about zac about to pee in the tent and that last one about alexa is for kids hahaha love you guys! so funny :)

  3. BAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA that is actually very very funny :P