Thursday, June 9, 2011

5 things about me that may or may not be socially acceptable.

First I love stale marshmallows. I could eat them all day. They are better than new mallows becuase new ones leave a strange feeling in your mouth.. and they just are so much better. just beucase.
Second I hate having a sheet on the bed. you know that thin sheet that is totally pointless. It bugs me... to me it is just extra work an extra sheet you have to fix on the bed.
Third I hot glue anything. when i say anything i mean anything. pillows, picture frames to the wall, stubborn jewelry, my shoes, anything. 
Fourth I overlap my projects. I start one then 15 minutes later do another. then go back and finish the first one another day. I am always working on like 8 different things at a time.
Fifth I think everyone has weird dreams...but mine just seem different. ha. I have some normal ones like when my dad was a pilot and I went skydiving, and typical things. But I've had some weird ones. Okay so I will tell you one, the other day I found a cool recycled craft that called for some of those box things that they use to tie bread shut. See here. and we didn't have any at my house.. so I couldn't make it. That night I dreamt that this lady invited me to a teaparty and on the table she had our her collection of those things and I asked about them and she said that they have been in the family for years. So when she went to go get cookies or whatever I grabbed a handfull and ran out the door. I made my craft, it was cute, then I woke up. 
What about you? What things make you, You?


  1. uhm oh my goodness.
    maybe we are the same person?
    because seriously i do all those same things!!
    eat stale marshmallows. can never stand to sleep with sheets. have used more hot glue than should ever be used. (on all things you mentioned) am currently working on atleast 6 projects. and my dreams are insane. weird? definitely.
    and well... i like you. (:
    and i think you're absolutely adorable.
    and as is your blog. (:

  2. Bahaha I am laughing so hard at your dream, because that's actually what you would do in real life!!! Love you Er!! xoxoxox mama

  3. I am laughing with you Amy! Holy Cow yes erin I do some of the exact same things hahahaha I hate those dang bed sheets! They make my life at least 10x more complicated haha love you!
    p.s. check out my blog! i was inspired...