Friday, July 15, 2011

A: shopping at target.
B: we forgot to heat up the hot tub, so we sat in the bath tub and read our books.

some sun!

ooh we had some bits and pieces of sun. so we couldn't waste it. we drenched our hair in lemon juice, read magazines, listened to our i-pods, and munched on apple slices.

Lisa's House.

we are house sitting at lisa's house! woohoo! interenet. ha. ha. i am such a 21st century child. anyways, here is some of the fun!

never too late.

okay so this post is a couple days out of order.. sorry i took over 2,000 photos so it is really hard to get organized.. ha. ha. ha. So we made up an awesome dance to "the bird and the worm" hahhaha. our favorite song... we listened to that 93074983648923 bajillion times on our ride to the farm. haha. and then later we had dinner with lisa and mark.


it was a party... on the lawn.. grilling hot dogs on the firepit. win.

erin estella

Washing Gram's Car.

we washed the car. in the cold. in our swimsuits. and rainboots. it was cool.
Erin Estella

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

giant donuts.

We had delicous giant donuts for breakfast from Sluy's Bakery in downtown Poulsbo. They were enticing. mmm!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

bainbridge island baby

today we picnicked at bainbridge,
 made wishes on wish rocks,

visited frog rock ha,
made super cute memory boxes with Chloe 
Roasted marshmallows in the fire place, 
 mmm. so golden browny..

 visited mimi,
and caught jellypops... haha these little jellyfish that look like glass balls and are guishy.

Erin Estella