Tuesday, July 5, 2011


hey bloggers, hey. me, scarlett, paris, gram, and george have been driving for hours and hours. why? to stop at yellowstone and then on to the farm! we entertained ourselves with i-pods, mash, stopping at random things we see on the side of road, drawing pictures of what we will look like in the future, sleeping, and listened to countless repeats of alexa's wedding cd. 

we stopped @ Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a picnic lunch. We all have a very stellar eating photo.

then we all had to get a souvenier t-shirt. I had to try on some adorable 375$ vintage turqoise cowgirl boots. (I know Erin you already have turqoise cowgirl boots) But these were just so cute! my feet were very happy!

I swear everything there is either made of antlers or 

We stopped at Grand Teton,

then we finally arrived at Yellowstone where we were greeted by our new friend chuck/carl/gary/we don't really know.

Erin Estella

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  1. Erin you look SO BEAUTIFUL with your bangs pulled back! Let them grow! I love to see your eyes xoxox