Monday, October 24, 2011

Erin's Guide To Everything Pumpykins.

*Before arriving at store you must pick out an original pumpkin picking outfit. For me, this consists of basketball shorts covered in paint, a BYU t-shirt, sunglasses, a knit hat with a big fluffball a top, and pink floral shoes.

*Hair should be equally as awesome. For me, It was just wet and crazy as I had just finished swim. Makeup not neccesary.

*While driving feel free to sing silly songs.. related or unrelated to Halloween.

While Buying
*Make a huge scene. Exclaim your joy when you find a perfect pumpkin and feel free to loudly critique each and every pumpkin.
*Must not have gushy spots on pumpkin.

*The smaller the pumpkin the less gush you have to pull out of it.

*Try to find one with not a lot of dirt and boo-boo's.

*Find one with character! strange shapes, and weird stems, something unique.

After Buying
*Carve it.

*Make it totally unique and awesome.

*Cook each and every seed you pull out of your pumpkin.

*Scream when the gush fills up the spaces of your fingers.

*Place a candle inside and light.

*Name your pumpkin and show off to the world.

Good Luck with your pumpkin adventure!

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  1. hahahahahah!!!!! this is exactly what im going to do when i go a-pumpkin-hunting! haha pumpykins... :)