Saturday, November 26, 2011

13 Things I Certainly Will Do

1. Ride A Whale.
Yes ma'am. I will ride a whale.

2. Take a Fancy Cooking Class In a Fancy Place like England.
That would cool. To learn fancy cooking.

3. Go Skydiving.
I know we all really want to do this. Not too original. But, it's awesome. What can I say I want to do it.

4. Scuba Dive in an Exotic Place.
Like the Great Barrier Reef. That would be a dream.

5. Volunteer at an Elephant Orphange.
Did you know they have elephant orphanges? Well, they do! And I'm going to go and save some Elephants.

6. Learn To Knit.
This is something I am going to do. I know it requires lots of patience. But, I can do it. I really want to knit some hand/leg warmers.

7. Write a Children's Book.
Okay, so people write reaaalllyyy lame children's books. So I was thinking I could add some fun to the bookshelves and get my own book published.

8. Try Every Ben&Jerries Ice Cream Flavor.
Obviously, not all at once. Becuase I would gain 10,000 pounds. But, little by little I will try new flavors and eventually complete this awesome task.

9. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon.
That would be amazing. to just float away in a cute hot air balloon.

10. Own a Nice Camera.
You know, like those fancy cameras good photographers use. Maybe when I'm older and travel the world and have money and what-not.

11. Jump In a Taxi and Yell, "Follow That Car" Real Dramatically.
Now that would awesome. To totally play out a dramatic scene and freak a taxi driver out. Of course, this would require me to take a trip to New York ;)

12. Rent a Billboard.
and just write some happy inpsiring quote or something to just brighten people's days.

13. Volunteer at an orphange.
Becuase I love kids. and I love helping people. and I love traveling. I will do it.

So, this is only 13 awesome things I will do in my lifetime. Obviously, there is a much more. What do you want to do with your life?


  1. Erin, you are fan-tab-u-lous! First thing write that kids book, you would have them hooked on the first page! Then you'll have the $$ to do all the other things on your list. Bravo girl!!

  2. Oh my goodness can i come with you?!?! as your sidekick maybe? hahaha omg erin i just love this post :D ha and yes you should totally rent a billboard! id love to read it everyday! xoxoxo love ya erin estella :) cant wait till FEB! wootwoot!

  3. Thanks ma'ams! Gramma that is a brilliant idea! :) and Paris that would be even funner (that is a word) with you there! and I am sooooooo excited for FEBRUARY! It is going to be awesome! only like what 3 MONTHS AWAY! and time will fly!