Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Yesterday we took hours finding the PERFECT Christmas tree. We were having quite the issue deciding between the above 2 trees. The one me and Spencer are standing by was obviously the better one. For countless reasons.
A. It smelled like Christmas.
B. The other tree smelt of dehydrated apple juice.
C. It is a noble fir.
D. The opposing tree was a douglas. enough said. it was lame.
E. Ours was prettier and had more organized branches.
F. The other one was ugly and had crazy branches going in all directions.
G. Ours was more desirable for hanging ornaments. the home depot guy even said so.
H. The other one was better for ribbons and garlands. we don't do ribbons and garlands.
I. Zac tasted both of the tree trunks and did find that the noble fir was much tastier.

In the end we didn't buy either of them. But, we did buy a noble fir! The original noble fir we were going to buy sorta got demolished by Zac and Spencer playing chop chop timber and doing other nonsense.

Today, we decorated the tree. With all our adorable handmade ornaments from when we were infants. It has loads of character.
Happy Holidays!
-Erin Estella


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Choosing our tree was quite memorable this year! Love the pictures and the great reasons why we should buy the tree you guys liked! Love you so much Erin and your humor, happiness, love and craziness! xoxoxoxo mama

  2. The Douglas tree was better thnak you very much! And there is probably one good reason out of your reasons that is good!