Monday, February 27, 2012

Countdown to Summer.

Officially, EIGHTY-SEVEN days until summer break. That is including spring break and weekends. So, there is much less than EIGHTY-SEVEN days left of school! To celebrate this fabulous news I made a countdown to summer out of an old map (In anticipation of all the fabulous trips I'm going on this summer!!)

I tried to take a picture of me holding it up (becuase I don't quite know where to hang it up...) and it didn't really work:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quite The Spectacle.

Here's what's up. My latest project is a windowbox flower garden. Yeah. I bought my supplies Saturday. (Yesterday) and it was an adventure if I ever had one.

At Home Depot (My most favorite store ever! I am like the most valued customer. I practically live there.) my dad taught me how to pick out a good board. (Without him there I probably would have bought a very bad board.) We inspected a lot of boards. You have to see how level each one is and how smooth it is. Just picture me pulling out these 10-foot boards (And struggling quite a bit while doing so) and inspecting each one very carefully, making a pile of good and bads, then struggling even more (dropping many) while trying to put them all back. ha.

Then, I drove to the nursery. The flower nursery. (Another favorite store of mine. I love gardens.) And, I parked inbetween cars. And didn't hit anything. or anyone. or any car. I was pretty proud. Now, picture me smelling and oohing and ahhing over all the fresh new spring flowers while trying to steer a wagon full of them. Yeah, you wouldn't think it would be that hard. But, I was knocking over pots of flowers and banging into walls and corners all over the place. I also met a very lovely old lady with BRIGHT red lipstick. (It was AWESOME) Who pretty much made me promise I would not put my flowers outside for the next two weeks or they will die!!!

After that we went grocery shopping at Lin's. Usually when I go to Lin's it is a short notice thing. Like this time. I did not know we were going to Lin's. And, yeah as most of you know there is some pretty attractive cashiers. Who always happen to see me looking in my most unattractive state. ever.

Please note that I drove from place-to-place and I did not get flipped off once. not once. not ever. I am becoming a pro driver.

I got home and assembled this little window box garden. (Well, my dad assembled most of it) But, I did screw in a few screws before I got my power tool privledge taken away.

Anyways, soon I will put up pictures of my window box and the beautiful flowers I bought when it is all complete. Becuase, I promised that old lady I would not put my flowers outside for 2 weeks! (But, It will probably be just one. ha.)

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Before: a plain old gramma shirt. with POTENTIAL of course.


After: A cardigan. With, bows down the back and a blue lining thing on the opening of it.




So, Monday night was the last night that us cousins had together! We were still a little pooped from our sickness’ but we decided we needed to do something rebellious since we missed so many opportunities by being sick. At about 12:30 in the morning me and Scarlett said hey we still need to cotton ball a car!! What exactly is that? Oh, well you see you just get cotton balls wet and throw them on a car, if it’s cold enough they will freeze on the car! hahah! I am a sucker for great practical jokes. So, my dad obviously went along with it. And, we drove to the Apples house. (our main vandalizing victims) But to our dismay, THEY HAD MOVED. (And, I guess Cameron just forgot to tell me or something.. but they still live in the neighborhood. So that’s good. muahahah.) Anyways, we came back home with a bunch wet cottonballs! What were we supposed to do with these? So, we ran up the street and randomly threw them on a car. It was fabulous.


Monday, February 20, 2012


Normally, this would be the point of our annual February trip where there is an overload of photos and crazy adventures, etc, etc. But, I threw up all night long then the next morning Scar, and Paris joined me in the lazy sick room -- both feeling terribly ill. We watched every single chick flick we had. And, my mother even went to buy us some more movies. We had a "Ryan" movie marathon. We watched a ton of movies with Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. What hot fellas they are. Then, we had an ultimate Mario Kart tournament, when we were starting to feel a bit better. We were kinda being insane. "Advice of this race: do not pet the burning dog." "who would pet a burning dog-- much less lick it." "me and the golden mushroom are like twins." "I get in last place just to get a bullet bill" "I should've felt that burn coming on but i'm way too cool." "Ahh! laughing hurts my collarbones." "stupid ninja cactus thing!" "How come it doesn't count if you do the lap backwards?!" "nobody can ink me without my permission!" "Winner has to put the movie in." "no" "i have a bell and i'm not afraid to use it!" ha. ha. ha. pretty much random phrases like that.

The Good Part of the Weekend.

Thursday Scarlett and Paris got here! wooohoo! We went late night hot tubing. Then, Friday woke up and made some beautiful pancakes. Paris has fabulous pancake-flipping skills. Then we went on a bike ride and got some Frazils. mmm. We got checked out by some high schoolers on their lunch break. When they came over and sat by us to ask for our numbers Paris quickly replied, "sorry we are from California." ha. ha. ha. that was a funny moment. Of course, we did the annual color-your-hair-with-washable-markers-whole-do-da-thing. Then, we went thrift store shopping. Our favorite!! and ran around the store asking everyone, "does this have potential!?!" and screaming and jumping and dancing and pretty much annoying every old lady in the store. Then, we came home and sewed, embellished and crafted. Then, I threw up. All Night Long.


Sunday, February 12, 2012


When cleaning up my room after painting, I found this cute letter from Scarlett! (who is coming to see me on Thursday along with paris! The best cousins!)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Room Redo.

So, I've been meaning to "redo" my room for quite some time. Today, I got the painting done. All by myself. Yup. I don't know how I did it. But, it happened. I woke up to the beautiful sunshine, and got to work. I removed basically everything from my room. Then, I realized I didn't have a tray for my paint. So I drove to Home Depot (with my mom) and got flipped off on the way. ha. ha. ha. And, I almost died. But I didn't.. phewww. And then, I painted. Blasted the radio and painted my little heart away. It is quite a drastic change.. going from pink to gray. But, I LOVE IT. 

What a happy day.

p.s. I realize I am paler than coconut shreds. But, trust me summer is coming and it WILL change.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Well folks, today is a very important day. I wore shorts. Yup you read that right. I came home, the sun was shiiiining, and I put some shorts on and sat in the front yard. That's what's up. Summer is coming soon.