Wednesday, February 22, 2012



So, Monday night was the last night that us cousins had together! We were still a little pooped from our sickness’ but we decided we needed to do something rebellious since we missed so many opportunities by being sick. At about 12:30 in the morning me and Scarlett said hey we still need to cotton ball a car!! What exactly is that? Oh, well you see you just get cotton balls wet and throw them on a car, if it’s cold enough they will freeze on the car! hahah! I am a sucker for great practical jokes. So, my dad obviously went along with it. And, we drove to the Apples house. (our main vandalizing victims) But to our dismay, THEY HAD MOVED. (And, I guess Cameron just forgot to tell me or something.. but they still live in the neighborhood. So that’s good. muahahah.) Anyways, we came back home with a bunch wet cottonballs! What were we supposed to do with these? So, we ran up the street and randomly threw them on a car. It was fabulous.


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  1. you have a fab father! and you are my favorite vandal...