Monday, February 20, 2012

The Good Part of the Weekend.

Thursday Scarlett and Paris got here! wooohoo! We went late night hot tubing. Then, Friday woke up and made some beautiful pancakes. Paris has fabulous pancake-flipping skills. Then we went on a bike ride and got some Frazils. mmm. We got checked out by some high schoolers on their lunch break. When they came over and sat by us to ask for our numbers Paris quickly replied, "sorry we are from California." ha. ha. ha. that was a funny moment. Of course, we did the annual color-your-hair-with-washable-markers-whole-do-da-thing. Then, we went thrift store shopping. Our favorite!! and ran around the store asking everyone, "does this have potential!?!" and screaming and jumping and dancing and pretty much annoying every old lady in the store. Then, we came home and sewed, embellished and crafted. Then, I threw up. All Night Long.



  1. YOU GIRLS ARE ADORABLE !!!!!! JUST TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!!! Sorry you all had to get sick though. But in the end a grand time was had by all, I am sure of it!

  2. Nothing beats cousin time in February!! xoxox