Saturday, February 11, 2012

Room Redo.

So, I've been meaning to "redo" my room for quite some time. Today, I got the painting done. All by myself. Yup. I don't know how I did it. But, it happened. I woke up to the beautiful sunshine, and got to work. I removed basically everything from my room. Then, I realized I didn't have a tray for my paint. So I drove to Home Depot (with my mom) and got flipped off on the way. ha. ha. ha. And, I almost died. But I didn't.. phewww. And then, I painted. Blasted the radio and painted my little heart away. It is quite a drastic change.. going from pink to gray. But, I LOVE IT. 

What a happy day.

p.s. I realize I am paler than coconut shreds. But, trust me summer is coming and it WILL change.


  1. are there clouds painted on your floor?

  2. Yes temporarily :) see here:

  3. I loveloveloveit! You did a fab job, may hire you for my little place.. xo

  4. now come paint my room puh-leese!! you did wonderful.