Monday, February 20, 2012


Normally, this would be the point of our annual February trip where there is an overload of photos and crazy adventures, etc, etc. But, I threw up all night long then the next morning Scar, and Paris joined me in the lazy sick room -- both feeling terribly ill. We watched every single chick flick we had. And, my mother even went to buy us some more movies. We had a "Ryan" movie marathon. We watched a ton of movies with Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. What hot fellas they are. Then, we had an ultimate Mario Kart tournament, when we were starting to feel a bit better. We were kinda being insane. "Advice of this race: do not pet the burning dog." "who would pet a burning dog-- much less lick it." "me and the golden mushroom are like twins." "I get in last place just to get a bullet bill" "I should've felt that burn coming on but i'm way too cool." "Ahh! laughing hurts my collarbones." "stupid ninja cactus thing!" "How come it doesn't count if you do the lap backwards?!" "nobody can ink me without my permission!" "Winner has to put the movie in." "no" "i have a bell and i'm not afraid to use it!" ha. ha. ha. pretty much random phrases like that.

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  1. Even with the stomach flu x 3, you guys find a way to have fun. God Bless Amy, patron saint of ALL MOTHERS. She's the BEST! xoxox