Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adding to My List of Awesome Things I've Seen and Done.

Dusti invited me to go to an IRISH DANCE CONCERT. Yes, an Irish Dance Concert! Have you ever been to one of those.. well I'll bet you HAVEN'T! It was insanley awesome. We were the only ones there who did not have gray or white hair. (As you can see in that last photo) Irish dancing is pretty much the most impressive thing eeevvveeerrrr. They move their feet so fast and so perfect! It is just indescribable! And, "The Justin Bieber of Ireland." as Dusti would call it, WAVED AT US. Why yes, yes he did, because we hollered his name and did I mention, we were in ROW B, as in right by the stage, as in AWESOME TICKETS. So anyways, I would strongly suggest if you ever get the opportunity to see an Irish Dance Concert, that you don't even hesitate, not for a moment.