Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I prefer the term, "Hippie"

I bought a red ukulele. (Yes, I am not color bind, I realize that picture is not of a red ukulele, but it is pretty cool none the less.) One of these days, (when it arrives in the mail. and when I actually learn how to play it.) I will update about how it's going. My ukulele and I. 


  1. I have a friend who took up the Ukulele when she was 60!! She's good and goes to Ukulele events to play all the time. If a grandma can play the ukulele, you certainly can!

  2. haha that's totally awesome!! Thanks for that positive encouragement! :) love you lara!

  3. erin. i have a ukulele! it looks like a pinapple, and every night instead of sleeping like i am sposed to, i jam out. we can take our ukes on some adventures, if you please ;)