Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Best Days Are Back.

Yesterday, May 22, 2012 was our last day of ninth grade. Three triumphant cheers for that. And, look at us, we don't what to do with ourselves. HAHA. Just kidding we have an entire list of preposterous adventures that we hope to complete. 

Since these summer days have begun I have had the most incomparable perfect days. The sun is constantly beating it's rays down on me and my skin has traced a very respectable tan line. Thanks to the massive globs of aloe vera that I constantly applied to my sunburn in order to make sure it did not peel. 

I snuck out of school for a few minutes to grab a quick bite to eat with Bailey Bracken, that was rather enjoyable. I boldy signed everyone's yearbook with only the most truthful, and thoughtful of comments,  which I got a kick out of, but most thought I was ridiculous. 

I had the most boisterous, entertaining evening on the last day of school. I enjoyed ice blocking down a hill and snowboarding using two ice blocks to slide down the hill. I also chased a roll of cheese down the hill, kneed my face and got some gnarly bruises. I Participated in the most fanatical, fervid volleyball game ever played. My knees and vocal chords may or may not be completely damaged. 

Overall I'm feeling very chipper and frolicsome. I haven't laughed so hard in ages. Bailey came pretty close to peeing her pants. 

And, today, I am agreeably indulging in a day of wearing pj's and just hanging out, captivated by summertime. 

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  1. oh my goodness i love this post! your last day of school/1st hours of summertime sound like they were so spontaneous and FUN!!! Can't wait for those days :)