Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hello Sunshines

Meet Lewis & Elizabeth. 
You can call them lewee and liz for short. 

that lady thought I was going to wear the dress like that.

So I bought this large and obviously ugly dress at a thrift store for two dollars. It was a navy polka dot fabric so that's why I even considered looking at it. I just knew it could make something decent so I bought it. I mean two dollars what the heck! (Oh and the cashier said that my dress was just so adorable.. little did she know..)

...and here's what we got...

A new skirt! Yay! (I used a pair of red suspenders for the waistband that I think I bought at a thrift store for fun! Ultimate reuse!)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Babies

The baby hummingbirds we discovered last year came right back and laid these two little gems in that spider-web made nest. They are such a tiny miracle. 

My cosmos are still green as ever and living in this St. George heat despite the scientific knowledge that they should have died by now. Faith can still beat the odds. 

I liked this shot with the focus on the top of the eggs. They really are smaller than jellybeans. 

Get a load of this one, twin daisies! They grew together, how adorable! It's a beautiful mistake.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Geometry At It’s Finest


No tans, sans, areas, perimeters, theorums, and other sort of nonsense. No these triangles are a fashion statement. One of my favorite projects really. They are bold and colorful. And, they involve paint and power tools- a few of my favorite things.  (And they are seriously addicting to make, I made millions.)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Delectable: [dih-lek-tuh-buhl] adj. 
delightful; highly pleasing; enjoyable:

Camping In The Backyard.

If it would tickle your fancy, watch this video. 
(I know it's a little rough and for some reason a black screen continues for a minute after it's done...)