Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Babies

The baby hummingbirds we discovered last year came right back and laid these two little gems in that spider-web made nest. They are such a tiny miracle. 

My cosmos are still green as ever and living in this St. George heat despite the scientific knowledge that they should have died by now. Faith can still beat the odds. 

I liked this shot with the focus on the top of the eggs. They really are smaller than jellybeans. 

Get a load of this one, twin daisies! They grew together, how adorable! It's a beautiful mistake.


  1. Erin, I just love you. You are amazing!! xoxox

  2. how cool! and those twin daisies are crazy!

  3. i may, or may not... more may though absolutely love your blog!
    so excited to have another blog friend!
    these pictures are lovely and you are adorable!

    you found my quote blog but, here is my life blog.

  4. You have such a love of nature! You can truly find beauty everywhere you go, but the backyard gems are the best. So glad we have two more little "friends" in the backyard to watch this summer. I'll be sure to take pics while you're up at the farm!! love you miss E. xoxoxoxo mama