Wednesday, June 27, 2012

that lady thought I was going to wear the dress like that.

So I bought this large and obviously ugly dress at a thrift store for two dollars. It was a navy polka dot fabric so that's why I even considered looking at it. I just knew it could make something decent so I bought it. I mean two dollars what the heck! (Oh and the cashier said that my dress was just so adorable.. little did she know..)

...and here's what we got...

A new skirt! Yay! (I used a pair of red suspenders for the waistband that I think I bought at a thrift store for fun! Ultimate reuse!)


  1. Love it!! You should write a book about the outfits you create out of old ugly mom clothes, because you transform them!!!

  2. Scarlett... we are going thrift store shopping in washington! Thanks Lara!

  3. POTENTIAL!!! hahaha remember that from Feb?! this is too cute... i wish i actually knew how to work a sewing machine, because i have been having so many good sewing ideas lately!

  4. Love your eye for trash to treasure! My kind of friend:)