Monday, July 23, 2012

Chloe, My beautiful Cousin

Today we picked up another cousin in Seattle to join us in all our adventures! Yay!

Bored on the ferry.. so we took pictures.. of ourselves with our motive to be as queer as possible.

We saw this sunflower brigade, and me and Scarlett decided that's going to be us when we are old!

Bagels for lunch!

After we picked up Chloe we went swimming in freezing Bainbridge water!

And wished on wish rocks.

my collection.

And of course, Frog Rock. Our favorite place. 

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  1. I Love love love love your beautiful pictures!! Thank you so much for sharing your summer with us! xoxoxox

    I know Scarlett and Gracie and Chloe had a wonderful time with you at Grammy Camp 2012.