Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beat The Drum



The birthday lady.


The last-minute party planners.





The partiers.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Dream Car.


This Volkswagen Bus is my dream car. Tell me it's not the perfect roadtrip car! You just eat and sleep and drive and live in this thing! It's adorable, and this exact car is for sale for only eighty thousand dollars! .... ha. ha. ha. Until I rob a bank, or find a money tree I'll just keep dreamin!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farewell Summer

IMG_3014 IMG_5769 IMG_5629IMG_2083 IMG_1749 IMG_9786[3] 11[3] 549100_4404908724532_233694596_n IMG_2391 IMG_4286 IMG_4526IMG_4642 IMG_2307 21[6] IMG_5615IMG_2934 moving59 36[2] 1[3] IMG_9761[3] IMG_2216 IMG_2009 IMG_1989IMG_5575 IMG_5667 IMG_4959 IMG_5280 IMG_5791 5[3] IMG_2852 IMG_5053IMG_1950 IMG_2986 IMG_2979 IMG_3705IMG_5637 IMG_4090 IMG_4675 6[3] 2[3] IMG_4622 IMG_5773 IMG_4325TREEHUGGERIMG_4662 IMG_4055

Farewell all the days of the beaches, the days of nothingness, the days of sunburns, the days of camping, family reunioning, raising birds, sleeping in, singing, frozen treats, and mainly just the days of happiness.