Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Girl’s Camp

IMG_5421IMG_5472427446_4404915964713_229895223_n IMG_5365     IMG_5386
   IMG_5413   IMG_5400

IMG_5393IMG_5419 IMG_5462 IMG_5424 IMG_5415
IMG_5431 IMG_5443 IMG_5449
Pretty scenery, photo booths, trying my best to make the part of “narrator” an interesting one, hiking, human foosball, singing strange songs, singing strange songs the loudest, pioneer games, wildlife, washing hair in buckets with one liter of water…. that was a sightly adventure, snipe hunting, stick fighting, awesome leaders, awesome girls, hilarious games of balogne, and UNO, awesome testimony meeting, rolling off beds (ha!), giggling until wee hours in the morning, all make for a great girl’s camp.

P.S. Blogger is freaking out on my arrangement of photos. So please excuse the mess, and sorry if it makes you nauseous.


  1. I loved Girls Camp and I loved that I could be there with YOU!!! Great post, fabulous week!! Love you Miss E xoxoxoxo

  2. Looks like LOADS OF FUN!!! You guys know how to "do" summer!
    Love you so much xoxoxo Aunt Lara

  3. Thanks to your mama girls camp was a blast! hahahahaha...all of those little memories are the best!

  4. what fun you had! great pics, love the blue sky.