Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Update


The past week or so from left to right--

(top): Just the girls throwing the best baby shower ever; a pretty blue sky, dirty window (right before the car wash), and 90 degree sunshine; Me wishing I owned my sister’s camera.

(middle): My legs that got an unevenly dirt stained from helping to clean up from flood while wearing mismatched socks; Me and Sabrina who overloaded Katheryn’s phones with photos of us; the “envelope clutch" I made.

(bottom): Me and sister trying on sock monkey onesies, this the reason for the awkward cropping; as seen there the “habanero pepper” is one of the hottest, yeah I chewed and swallowed a whole one. Then cried a lot and my ears, lips, throat, and mouth burned for about 20 minutes, good thing my friends did likewise; me and my favorite cat, Luna.


  1. What a sweet ( and Hot) random life. You are one busy girl. Love the envelope bag!

  2. Erin, I positively love you and your life!! You have creativity just flowing out of you!!!