Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birds of a feather flock together

Here's some vintage reels of life (Just because).....

My family used to have whip-cream fights frequently. 

I've always been a beach baby. The beach is my place. 

I'm an aunt. And I make t-shirts that are puns of my favorite environmental foundations. 

When I'm bowling I think I can just conduct the ball like an orchestra to avoid the gutter. 

Me and My cousin.. we are like twins but just weren't born on the same day and don't have the same mother. 

I used to swim with ducks until the police closed it up. 

Me and my mom like utensils and watching plays. 

I'm my daddy's girl and we both love nature. 

I like to bribe my brother to do things I want.

I build, 

and we like to dance. 

I've been fishing once, and let's just say if I had a time machine it wouldn't be one the first dates I would jump back to. 

I've always chosen small pumpkins because the goo inside of it is perhaps one of the grossest things. You could say it's a fear of mine even. 


  1. adorable. adorable. adorable. oh my heavens.

  2. agreed. agreed. agreed. i love black and white photography. these vintaged ones are awesome

  3. oh my goodness this is too perfect!!! And so true, my little twin :)love your whale shirt too!!! xoxoxo

  4. Flash back into the past and it is so sweet. The memories just stick with us. Good job putting it al together.

  5. This is my favorite blog post of the month!!! xoxoxox