Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Faves

I climbed up on my roof to watch the sunset, frequently. 
 I fell in love with this kitten, 
 When me and Katheryn went to the animal shelter together to save the cats!

 Oh and this dog, he was a good dog. 
been painting a bit, the desk has inspired me to do so. 
 I'm going to Sadie's! whoooppee!
 Tights, vintage shoes, and foliage. 
 Welcomed the fall into my room. 
 In the form of hanging strands of nature. 

 Carved pumpkins for Halloween, a must. 
 P.s. that's a tongue coming out of mine because I accidentally messed up! haha

 Went all out for Halloween and dressed up as my brother, and I ended up looking like a fat gangster all day. No Big Deal. 
 Happy fall from Zac!

Oh and Christmas lights are already being hung in my neck of the woods. 

Hope you had a great {October-Octubre-Lokakuu-Octobris-Hydref-Listopad-Outubro} 
(or whatever other language you prefer!)