Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Faves

I climbed up on my roof to watch the sunset, frequently. 
 I fell in love with this kitten, 
 When me and Katheryn went to the animal shelter together to save the cats!

 Oh and this dog, he was a good dog. 
been painting a bit, the desk has inspired me to do so. 
 I'm going to Sadie's! whoooppee!
 Tights, vintage shoes, and foliage. 
 Welcomed the fall into my room. 
 In the form of hanging strands of nature. 

 Carved pumpkins for Halloween, a must. 
 P.s. that's a tongue coming out of mine because I accidentally messed up! haha

 Went all out for Halloween and dressed up as my brother, and I ended up looking like a fat gangster all day. No Big Deal. 
 Happy fall from Zac!

Oh and Christmas lights are already being hung in my neck of the woods. 

Hope you had a great {October-Octubre-Lokakuu-Octobris-Hydref-Listopad-Outubro} 
(or whatever other language you prefer!)


  1. your the cutest thing. those shoes are so cute! can I be your bestfriend!

    1. Be my best friend!!! Please. and thanks. you're great!

  2. oh p.s and that cat! so cute.
    what did you name her?

  3. ERIN! Your room looks fabulous! I love your paintings, send one to Scarlett for her birthday, she will LOVE IT. I love you so much. Happy Happy Birthday to you tomorrow. I hope you like your package :) xoxoxoxox love aunt lara

  4. Perfect post for October. I especially like that you dressed up as your brother for Halloween and everyone at the high school knew immediately who you were. Awesome. I super duper love the paintings you did and think they are most definitely frame-worthy. You are amazing and talented and beautiful. And much more. Love, your most favorite mama. xoxoxoxo

  5. love those paintings.
    can i hire you to do one of ellie for her room?
    your room is darling.
    love. love. love all of these photos!

  6. I love these "Listopad" faves! hahaha and your room is so cute with all the decorations, Scar and I are going to hang christmas lights in our room too! AHHHH this is making me excited for the holidays!!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ya cutie!!! xoxo paris

  7. so, i'm convinced that if we knew eachother in real life, we'd be best friends.
    you're the literal best, and your blog is my favorite.

    lovelovelove your tights + all of your other photos in this post.


  8. Love how you decorate your room. Did you do those paintings in your art class? They are very good! I like the hanging pinecones and nature things and of course we must have twinkle lites :)