Thursday, January 24, 2013

The stars danced on my shoulders

I made a shirt that sort of looks like a bunch of stains, which essentially it kind of was, a bunch of organized stains intended to appear as a galaxy. I enjoy it though.  I took it on this hike with the fam. We love southern Utah!


  1. Love that shirt of yours E! We should all paint shirts next month when we come up!

  2. Very appropriate that you're wearing 'stars', there should be a galaxy named 'ERIN'! You shine and sparkle for us.

  3. i love the new look of your blog! i love your pictures. you're adorable!


  4. Yep, every single time I look at your blog I am amazed! By you! You are seriously gorgeous, but even more you so stinkin creative! Love the shirt, and those self portraits a few posts back, and the water color! Pretty much, I think you're awesome....and you need to come babysit, its been far too long. (I'm secretly hoping that more time you spend with my kids, the more of your awesomeness will rub off on them!)

  5. I love your shirt Erin. It looks exactly like a cool galaxy shirt. And the dark blue backgrounds of some of those pictures are so cool. You, my lovely, are very talented. Can't wait to see your talented face in July. Yay!!!! xoxoxo aunt lisa