Saturday, April 13, 2013

March, April, May & other months.

I live in a beautiful place. It's not too hard to take a beautiful picture living here. 

Some extravagant photos that bring out the best in us. 

Our chickens grew up & moved to a farm. 

Alexa has again amazed me with her photography. (ha and I try my best to model for her.)

Easter was a +

I never wrote this on my blog, but my dear best friend, partner-in-crime, other-half moved to northern Utah.(Which on the bright side, is not too far away.) If you bump into her say, "HELLO". Oh how I miss that woman. 

Also, Junior Prom, rocked. So that's a + too. I also, taught my brother how to sew on a button. (So he'll survive his mission for sure.)

 We cleaned out the back of our car trunk. (is it embarrassing to admit this is only half of the stuff?) Good thing the only things that were mine was a rock solid cupcake,  a rope (for rope swings of course), and a skimboard (for emergency adventures)

And my family goes to the lake in the winter, (like this was February) Freezing? Yes. Swimming? Yes. We must be from St. George or something. 

+ I have been working on some awesome projects. Update soon. 

Well these months have been quality. 


  1. Erin, I love reading your blog! I try to check it every so often and am never sure when you will post. So I am very excited to see when you post something new! I love your recap of your Spring....chickens growing up, Easter, Junior prom, brothers off to new adventures, friends off to new adventures and adventures to freezing cold lakes in the middle of winter (!?!). Can't wait to see you this summer so you can fill us in on all the details. We love you!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoox Lisa, Mark, Kendon, Wy and Chloe!!! (Bogie, Zoey and the ALL the chickens too!!)

  2. you inspire me to write! you make everything sound like an adventure- notice YOU are the one with the arms flung out wide at prom! a spitfire just like your namesake, miss erin estella and i love you.

  3. Erin!! I love your post! I love you! You are so original, happy to you, no worries about what anyone else thinks of you. Thanks for being such a light in my life. You are talented, beautiful, adventurous, crafty, and super-duper friendly!!! Thank you for being my beautiful daughter xoxoxoxo love you always, mama

  4. Awesome. I love it. You are AMAZING!!!
    miss ya xoxo chloe (yolk-yolk)

  5. I looove that you're back to bloggging!!! I absolutely love that prom picture of yours with your arms up! so you :D Lovin the updates, please keep them coming! I have a BIG one coming for my blog... check it in the next couple of days! You're fabulous and scar and i talk about you every day! haha mostly reminiscing our times at the farm and utah (and soon to be Beach trip!!!) love you to pieces! xoxoxo :)