Monday, August 12, 2013

Washington Part 3- Paddle Boarding

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You’re looking at the next Olympic paddle boarders, (Scarlett & I, not those boys ;) This was an experience of a lifetime, and I recommend paddle boarding to everyone! It' is so great, even if it’s a cloudy day in Washington. It’s just you and the ocean, we got chased by seals, technically didn’t fall off once, Gram, our photographer, saw these boys after we had left the dock, and took pictures of them for us. (ha, now we know where we get it from.) It’s actually pretty easy, and with two people on one board, we would just stand up and sit down to take turns paddling. Super great!


  1. Ah man I wanna go paddle boarding!! Except for the seals. That's scary. Haha keep up the Washington posts! Love them!!

  2. Sooooo awesome!! I love how worried Scarlett looks as you two took off! Haha! Glad you made it back alive without being attacked by any seals! Yay for amazing summer adventures!

  3. Ooooohhh, I have always wanted to go paddleboarding! It's on my bucket list! :) So happy you got to do it girl!
    xoxo, em

  4. Paddle Boarding is literally the best, next time you'll have to try it with waves! Its a little scary, but so fun!


  5. So proud of you two for always trying something new- now I want to do it, but think I will wait & do it in Hawaii :)
    Miss you!