Saturday, August 10, 2013

Washington Part Two

IMG_1853copyIMG_1802copyIMG_1958 copyIMG_2081 copyIMG_1960IMG_2046copy copy IMG_2601 IMG_2590IMG_2205 IMG_2209 copy   IMG_1812copy  IMG_2215copy

A brief caption as to what’s going on in these photos:

Playing the part of the beach bums, going to frog rock, dancing in the forest, painting moss on the outdoor bathtub, Geo’s Birthday (with relighting candles ha!), sleeping in the hammock (phew, we made it all night, I lucked out with 5 or 6 bug bites and Scarlett got about 25 or 26—Oh and we learned dryer sheets do not work as bug repellent), Bainbridge Island (You can see Mount Rainier from there), and going to church (Also we attempted to curl our hair with flat irons, Scar’s looks great, mine not so much!)

Oh & no worries I’m making Washington into 3 or 4 part posts.


  1. Gotta L O V E summers at Grammy Camp!! Love every single photo. Pictures say a thousand words. You and Miss Scarlett are two peas in a pod, gorgeous, happy, spunky, fun loving, and nature girlies! Love you so much!

  2. Holy cow these photos are too cute. I seriously love these. I love the hammock ones!! Haha I probably wouldn't have squeezed in here with you guys... Bugs are not my friends! Hahaha you guys look beautiful in every one of these. I like want to print out ALL of these and put them on my wall :) yay for Grammy Camp!!

  3. eeek! WHAT fun!!

    i just l-o-v-e your and your sister, lex's picture-taking abilities. your pictures are always so FUN to look at. :) have a happy day.