Friday, September 13, 2013

Sporadic Post & Thoughts

IMG_3123 copy2IMG_3125 copyIMG_3155 copy copy

So uhh the first day of school was a month ago, but hey here it is! School’s been going good, and they weren’t kidding that Junior year is the hardest.

IMG_3098 copy 

And sometimes you just need to draw yourself pleasant reminders that it’s still ok.   

IMG_8345 copyIMG_8358 copyIMG_8313 copy

And we’ve been getting a ton of rain, and I’m loving every drop.

IMG_8363 copyIMG_8423 copyIMG_8402 copy

The younger siblings had a 10th and 13th birthday, and as tradition calls for Grace got her 13 year old diamond ring, and it’s a beautiful rock!

IMG_3071 copy

I’ve just been digging John Muir quotes, and doodling them all over my sketchbook lately.

IMG_8448 copyIMG_8452 copyIMG_8458 copy

And I love our Sunday night walks, with dripping ice cream cones, and sunflowers.

And that’s it for now!

(Stay tuned for an awesome post that has a real subject soon.)


  1. your photos are wonderful.
    you are beautiful.
    i miss you all!

  2. Yay for blogging sporadically! I swear I've been Checking on your blog like every day :) Your hair is getting so long! You're gorgeous Erin, and I love the sketchbook! Xoxoxo

  3. I love the sketch book too- who knew you were so busy drawing, painting, and writing? Slog through the junior year, the next is better. You are lovely, so grown up now.

  4. yay! i'm so happy you posted! i just love your blog!
    one question- how do you get your pictures side by side? i'd love it if you could comment back or email me- i've looked up tutorials but you could probably explain it better. ;)

    you rock!

  5. very pretty pictures! I love that umbrella!

  6. you are so pretty, and such an amazing photographer! xx -

  7. LOVE your blog! :) And I totally agree...Junior year is definitely the hardest. But every little thing is gonna be alright!


  8. 1) i can't believe you're sixteen. 2) a traditional diamond ring?! that is the best tradition i've ever heard of!!!!