Saturday, October 19, 2013

Teaching Baby E to Paint

IMG_9217 copy2 IMG_9219 copy IMG_9232 copyIMG_9222 copy IMG_9228 copyIMG_9236 copy 
This little girl is natural painter. She caught on quickly and was dipping her brush in the paint then painting the page. (and surrounding desk area) She was smiling the whole time. Thanks to little brother Zac for photographing us.


The first of fall adventures here:


Paragliding in the mornings. One day I’ll be certified and have my own paraglider and go all the time, but until then I’ll cling to this memory.

 IMG_8641 copy

Celebrating the big brother’s birthday bash by going to Taco Bell for him!

IMG_8838 copy

Neon Orange sunset skies.

IMG_8881 copy IMG_8877 copy

the last flowers.

 IMG_8942 copy IMG_8981 copyIMG_8971 copyIMG_8950 copy IMG_8956 copy    IMG_9049 copy

and hiking in Snow Canyon and wearing collected rocks as necklaces.

This is what falls all about I suppose.