Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: My Year

IMG_1870[7]IMG_1788[7]2 - 11X14      199IMG_5387_thumb2 feb11joy ride manDSCN1289IMG_9072IMG_1228IMG_9424IMG_9534IMG_9559IMG_9576IMG_9651IMG_9566 IMG_6142IMG_1120IMG_6127IMG_6401Ellie 10 Months Old-1          IMG_1855 copy IMG_2205 IMG_2474copyIMG_2044IMG_2698 copy IMG_1103IMG_1155IMG_0010IMG_0112IMG_8529 IMG_8615 IMG_9073   IMG_9437IMG_9444IMG_9463 IMG_9652 IMG_0268 copy    IMG_3247 IMG_3327

A year filled with trying new things, creating, adventuring, and exploring. May 2014 be this good.


  1. Gorgeous pictures. Gorgeous year. :)

    You have a beautiful blog!


  2. Way awesome year in review!! Every photo tells such a great story. You are so gorgeous, talented, fun loving, happy, adventurous, positive, amazing and earth loving! Thanks for brightening my every day!! I LOVE YOU!!! xoxoxoxooxox

  3. Way to make up for not blogging for awhile!! Love all the pictures, and love you to the moon. PS the diamond leaped out of Pear's ring this week too...

  4. Amazing photos! What kind of camera do you have?

  5. I love these pictures so much!! I miss you like holy cow erin, love the one of you on the beach and all of us together! such a colorful life :)