Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hiking with the boys

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My dad of course pets the tree, because it was a fir tree.

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The rock was bright pink/orange. It was so pretty//The hike had two cool cabins built by some random guys.

IMG_1596 copy


He wouldn’t take a photo.

IMG_1819 copy2 copy

The only proof I went on the hike. Zac took this when I wasn’t paying attention in the car.

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IMG_1752 copy

The red rock reflected in the water was so pretty.

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I realized on this hike the textures in nature are beautiful. Also, I realized there is no way you could not believe in God. He obviously hand-painted these rocks in Zion & created this world beautifully. 

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Meanwhile in my life

IMG_1100 copy2IMG_1093 copy
I like my mom’s jacket from high school. It’s blue and obnoxious. Also, recently I’ve been trying to slide on my longboard. It’s a work in progress
IMG_1115 copyIMG_1180
I had a valentine. Gave him a pineapple. The note doesn’t even rhyme so basically that’s hilarious. Also, that picture of me looks like I’m flying but really I fell off a cliff.
IMG_1144 copy
My sister photographer, she teaches me all I know.
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Johnson Arch hike in Snow Canyon. Unfocused family photo.
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IMG_1168 copy2
Spontaneously bought some baby chicks. Without notifying anyone. oops.
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IMG_1825 copy
They love playing in the backyard. Cute huh?