Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hiking with the boys

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My dad of course pets the tree, because it was a fir tree.

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The rock was bright pink/orange. It was so pretty//The hike had two cool cabins built by some random guys.

IMG_1596 copy


He wouldn’t take a photo.

IMG_1819 copy2 copy

The only proof I went on the hike. Zac took this when I wasn’t paying attention in the car.

IMG_1509 copyIMG_1441 copy

IMG_1752 copy

The red rock reflected in the water was so pretty.

IMG_1597 copyIMG_1519 copy

I realized on this hike the textures in nature are beautiful. Also, I realized there is no way you could not believe in God. He obviously hand-painted these rocks in Zion & created this world beautifully. 

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  1. Wow, so much texture! I agree, how can you not believe in God when everything around us is so intricate and beautiful??

  2. Gods creations are beautiful and you captured them magnificently!! Your pic's should be in a magazine!!! Seriously!

  3. These pictures are all absolutely stunning! Beautiful blog dear!
    Brooke Jordan

  4. this post is awesome! these are great nature pics erin!! miss our hiking times :D