Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Weekend

My good friend Haley & I went on a roadtrip to the great SLC. Neither of us have iphones/smartphones so we went old school with some good ol’ maps. And, we ate loafs of bread and nutella. IMG_5592 copy IMG_5518 copy

On Thursday we drove up. We had a strong will to get into the twenty one pilots concert. (we had no tickets) When we got there we waited in line for multiple hours then we thought, “man, we drove 5 hours and have waited in this line for forever and we don’t even have tickets.” In the end we snuck past some security guards and the ticket lady said if we gave her 25 bucks and told no one she would let us in. So man we were in. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of inside the concert because I couldn’t take my camera because they thought I was smuggling drugs. ha.

IMG_5548 copyIMG_5746 copy

On Friday, we ate waffles all day. Literally I ate nothing else. We spent at least 15$ on waffles that day. Also, we watched our boys play in the State Rugby Tournament. They killed it.

IMG_5561 copyIMG_5723 copyIMG_5602 copyIMG_5614 copy

We loved SLC. and street art. It’s not vandalism I tell you, it’s art.

IMG_5537 copy

IMG_5807 copy

On Saturday we went river walking. And while we were walking someone came and threw all our clothes in the river, our shoes in trees, and stole my pants and haley’s sunglasses. Who does that?

IMG_5853 copyIMG_5854 copyIMG_5861 copy

On Saturday we decided to ride our longboards to the rugby game. We started at least a few miles away. It was all uphill on the way there. And the way back it was all downhill. So we were hauling. Also, our rugby boys are now state champs so YES.

IMG_5897 copyIMG_5882 copy

All around it was a winning trip.


  1. HAHAHA i can't believe that awesome woman who let you sneak past security!! and who are these fabulous rugby boys you say?! that sounds like an awesome weekend! you're a great photographer!!! love ya erin! :)

  2. pretty sure you're the only one in the fam mom has let go on this kind of a road trip. lucky duck. so fun to have you and h here for the weekend. Come back any time!

    also. still dying that your pants got stolen. hahahah.

  3. awesome trip. we're just going to have to have a talk about those longboard photos that don't have helmets. seriously your brain is pretty important sis.

  4. ahh we should have met up! love these photos girl!

  5. sounds like such an awesome trip! I love the nutella and bread(: xoxoxox love you too(;