Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Sandals DIY

IMG_6266 copy

All you need is some embroidery thread (I bet you already have that)

Scissors (and that)

And an old pair of sandals (Also that)

IMG_6258 copyIMG_6263 copy

I had these cute shoes that I like, but I’ve had them for awhile and you know I get bored of the same shoes sometimes. So I cut off the flower and I simply wrapped them in embroidery thread tying a basic knot at the beginning and end of each section. (Also make sure to cut 2 strands of the same length of each color)

IMG_6274 copy    

Easy Peasy!

Building A Chicken Coop Process

IMG_6104 copy

We only spent about 90$ on wood and chicken wire. Which is pretty good if you look up how expensive chicken coops are.

IMG_6098 copyIMG_6116 copyIMG_6107 copyIMG_6128 copy

My dad, the architect, drew out exact plans with exact dimensions and you best believe that everything was exact, we used the ruler, level, and square a lot.

IMG_6203 copy

We never quite finished the roof. So it has a table and a slide sitting on top of it for now. (My dad’s going to be gone for 2 weeks, so this project will be on hold for a bit.)

IMG_6221 copy

2 out of the 3 chickens.

IMG_6232 copy IMG_6235 copy    

And of course I had to train them to walk up their new ramp, they didn’t really like it that much. Nonetheless, here’s to fresh eggs!