Saturday, July 12, 2014


IMG_7061 copy

IMG_7071 copy

The drive up there… GPS in hand.

IMG_7141 copyIMG_7096 copy

Kat being Kat.

IMG_7105 copy

IMG_7171 copy

Scientifically classified everything we saw. & Bike rides.

IMG_7213 copy

IMG_7136 copy

IMG_7151 copy

Exploring Boulders and rivers and forests.

IMG_7259 copy

IMG_7266 copyIMG_7545 copy

Pretty skies, and more exploring.

IMG_7293 copy copyIMG_7391 copy

Backpacked off into the forests and up a crazy sheer cliff. The GPS kept telling us we had .5 miles left to go up the cliff but we kept going forever. Eventually we found the twin lakes. To our dismay Stan, Kat’s dad, only packed some top ramen packets and a loaf of homemade bread. No pot or anything. So that was lunch, dinner and breakfast. We rationed pretty well. Also, we tried to catch a fish to sustain ourselves. Our diy fishing pole didn’t really work.

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IMG_7322 copy

Good thing I can never see a body of water without jumping into it. Even this iceberg lake. It was exhilaratingly cold.

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IMG_7442 copy

Looking for birds and bears. Stan thought he saw a bear, so we sprinted off towards that direction. We never saw it. Disappointing.

IMG_7451 copy

Natural Hot Springs

IMG_7167 copy

Gun day.

IMG_7471 copy

Creek Day everyday.

IMG_7464 copy

IMG_7510 copy

Wrestling each other in our swimmer suits in the field.

IMG_7516 copy

IMG_7558 copy

Cool hikes

IMG_7567 copy

IMG_7570 copy

And mountain yoga.

And there’s my trip to montana in a nutshell.

It was truly the best.


  1. You are right in your element up in the mountains. So glad you two had so many fun adventures. And that you came home alive. So happy about that. Love you! xoxoxoxo

  2. THIS PLACE IS GORGEOUS! All your photos definitely do it justice!! Even though i haven't even been there! So pretty! love you!

  3. probably some of the best pictures I have ever seen of nature! that place is beautiful! you are amazing!! -chloe

  4. Love this!!! These photos are gorgeous!!

  5. Your photos are amazing! What camera do you use?

  6. This looks like SO much fun!!

    When you get a chance, come over to my blog, I have nominated you for the liebster award!