Monday, August 4, 2014

Farm Life—The First Days

My beautiful cousins, Scarlett and Paris arrived! How excited we were to see each other after a year of separation. Here’s what our first few days were.

IMG_7952 copy

We got ourselves some baby chicks, George was easy enough to convince, he’s a sucker for birds.

IMG_7964 copy  IMG_7966 copy

Chip, Louis, and the nameless bird.

IMG_7956 copy

IMG_4063 copy

IMG_4042 copy

Candid shots.

IMG_8079 copy

Chasing chickens around

IMG_4051 copy

listening to their heartbeats?

IMG_8004 copyIMG_8087 copy

Paris the photographer & mine and scarlett’s golden band cover.

IMG_8106 copy

You know.

 IMG_8182 copy

Hanging upside down in the trees.

IMG_8138 copyIMG_8203 copy

IMG_8231 copyIMG_8251 copy

Scarlett being a hot farm model.

IMG_8207 copy

And us swinging in true spider fashion.


  1. YAY the farm! Loving these posts!!

  2. So FUN! Listening to chicken heartbeats reminds me of when Simon was little, he used to say, "Mom, I want to hear your heart-BEEP" and he'd press his head to my sternum. Heartbeep. But of course :)

  3. Haha! I love your "Golden Band" photo! My Grandpa-in-law lives in Baltimore (the big city), and because I grew up in Idaho, assumes that I lived on a farm and chased chickens around all day, milked the cows, planted fields, etc. etc. After reading your post and seeing these pictures, I wish I had!

    Sue//Chevron and Lace