Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Dock

IMG_4010 copy

Beating the system to go and check out some sailboats.

IMG_4008 copy

Paris snapping all the candid shots. haha.

 IMG_8049 copy

On the other side.

IMG_7882 copy

Jelly pops—little baby jellyfish.

IMG_7885 copy

Holding the little guys.

IMG_8050 copy IMG_7906 copy

Sailboats & red sailor toes.

IMG_7891 copy

Observing the marine life hands-on.

IMG_8539 copy

IMG_8541 copy

Attempting a backflip—check out paris blog for a picture of me face planting it.


IMG_8055 copyIMG_8066 copy

IMG_8546 copy

haha. I was sunbathing. In washington.

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