Sunday, August 17, 2014

Seattle—My Favorite City

IMG_8686 copy

Scarlett Darling—looking super hip in the city.

IMG_7834 copyIMG_7845 copy

Reflection pictures & amazing buildings

IMG_7848 copy

My favorite Alley.

IMG_7851 copy

George, Myself & Scarlett ready for the ferry.

IMG_8697 copy

An attempted selfie.


IMG_8730 copyIMG_8721 copy

The Ferris Wheel & us three girls in seattle.


  1. Wow! I always wanted to visit Seattle.

  2. Great photos! I've always wanted to go there. :)
    Check out my site? :) Let me know if you dropped by.


  3. How fun! I live in the Seattle area myself and love it. Such a beautiful area!

  4. This sounds so fun! Loving the old man in that window selfie ;)


  5. These are gorgeous pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

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