Thursday, August 7, 2014

The More The Merrier

IMG_8187 copy

Grace, Chloe, Lisa & Wyatt came down to join the fun for a day!

IMG_4081 copy

This picture is funny, because apparently it’s fascinating to watch me mow the lawn. hahaha.


Mother & Daughter


Circle for the chicks.

IMG_4249 copy

Grace & Chloe stayed behind for 2 more days and we packed it with fun. We ate viking donuts-per tradition.


IMG_8391 copy

Went out to dinner as excited as could be.

IMG_8393 copy

JJ’s fish house is the best place ever. truly.

IMG_8495 copy

We paddle boarded on the Pudget sound.

IMG_8501 copy

IMG_8533 copy

IMG_8535 copy

IMG_8573 copy

And we hung out at the dock and jumped off- tradition as well

IMG_8575 copy

IMG_4366 copy

All showered and eating dinner. Fabulous.

IMG_8932 copy

Hanging around the farm.

IMG_8933 copyIMG_8949 copy

More of the best days.

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  1. Amazing photos and it looks like so much fun! I want to join it:P I love the pic of you mowing the lawn:)