Monday, August 4, 2014

Washington 2014

Every year I take this trip to Washington to stay on my grandparents farm along with my crazy awesome cousins. We call it grammy camp. It’s the best thing ever. The first 2 days I was there by myself however.

IMG_7682 copy

IMG_7691 copy

Taking the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island

IMG_7722 copy

Reflection picture at delicious pizza place.

IMG_7727 copy

IMG_7728 copy

Visiting Great Grandma, Mimi.

IMG_7757 copyIMG_7761 copy

Me and Grandma both jumped off the dock and took a little swim.

IMG_7750 copy

I did some drawing, all set up with my supplies, and snacks which makes for the perfect afternoon.

IMG_7800 copy

Drawing a sketch of the house on the first days at grammy camp.

IMG_7807 copy

The house in all it’s unfinished remodeling glory.

IMG_8028 copy

My rendition of it’s current state.

IMG_7934 copy

The essence of grammy camp, cozy and crafty.

IMG_3970 copy

Feeding the Chickens.

IMG_3982 copy

Walking two horses at once, because wherever Sheila goes Cee Cee follows.


IMG_7979 copy

IMG_7986 copy

IMG_8000 copy

And that’s what the first few days were. Be ready for a crazy amount of more photos.


  1. I still love the ones of you and gram jumping off the dock! WOO for farm pictures! I think these washington photos are always my favorites!

  2. Beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful time! And lucky you, you got grandparents all to yourself for one day!

    Sue//Chevron and Lace